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Suction Pile Vent Hatch

FES Subsea have a simple cost effective venting system allowing a controlled flow of air followed by sea water out of a suction pile during deployment.

Following anchor touchdown the suction pile penetrates in the sea bed initially with its own weight, the vent is then sealed by ROV allowing assisted penetration to commence through suction pumping.

Information and Key Features in the FES Subsea Venting System include:

  • Simple, Cost effective designs
  • 10” – 42” Nominal Bore (larger sizes made to client specification)
  • Water Depth: 3000M
  • Simple ROV sealing operation
  • Height designed to client specifications
  • Material Selection: Carbon Steel (typical) Sealing faces inlayed upon request
  • Pressure Range: -10 Barg +10 Barg
  • Coating: Two coat two pack subsea epoxy paint system (typical). Other projects specific paint systems can be provided upon request
  • Full continuity to the suction pile CP system

For further information please contact our subsea sales team.

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